About “The Stones Zone”

“The Stones Zone” will celebrate not just the Rolling Stones’ music, but their history, their influences, their notoriety, and their 40 years of survival.

All brought to you by someone who actually got to know the band personally and spent nearly twenty years in close personal contact with them.

Bill German (host and writer) will bring the same humor and irreverence to “The Stones Zone” that he did to his Beggars Banquet newsletter for seventeen years and to his numerous radio appearances on stations like WNEW, WXRK, and KLOS.

Each program will pack a “wow factor.” The listener will learn something they never knew before and will feel like they’ve missed something if they’re not tuned in each week.

Here’s a rough sketch of what each episode will feature:

• Updates from the Stones’ 2002-2003 world tour.

• “Stones Unearthed” – At least one rare track you can’t find and won’t hear anywhere else.

• “This Date In Stones History” -- Forty years of music, drug busts, and paternity suits to draw from.

• Interviews – Guests may include the Stones themselves or some of their famous cohorts.

• Stones Covers – Anyone from Tom Jones to the Ramones. Otis to Devo. Taking on the Stones.

• Personal and behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the Stones and the making of their music.

• And much, much more. Every song that’s played will be featured for a purpose. A story attached to it, told irreverently by someone who was an eyewitness – and earwitness – for half of the Stones’ existence. Bill German has traveled with the Rolling Stones, interviewed them countless times, stayed at their houses, witnessed their recording sessions and nightclub gigs, and has even written a book with one of them.