About Bill German
(host & writer)

Bill German is the only person to write a book with one of the Rolling Stones and live to tell about it.

He’s also the only person ever advertised in a Rolling Stones album.

It all began in 1978, when German, a 16-year-old fan, sneaked into his high school’s mimeo room to create the first edition of his Rolling Stones newsletter, Beggars Banquet.

His teachers hated it, his parents nearly plotzed, but German kept his little creation going for the next seventeen years, reporting on every detail of the Stones’ personal and professional lives.

Because German was an aspiring journalist and radio deejay, he didn't approach his creation as just a fan club, but as a news publication. And so, at age 17, when he presented his newsletter to the Stones themselves, they appreciated his irreverent and non-gushy writing style. They began inviting him to parties and to press events. (If you’re thinking “Almost Famous,” you’re on the right track.)

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards then came up with an idea. They wanted to declare Beggars Banquet their official newsletter and offer it to Stones fans worldwide. After clearing it with their attorneys and their record label, the Stones advertised Beggars Banquet inside their “Undercover” album. When a million people ran out to purchase that record, an entire generation of fans became familiar with Beggars Banquet.

From there, German was invited to travel around the world with the Rolling Stones. The kid who started as a dorky Rolling Stones fan was now sleeping over the Stones’ houses and was privy to their recording sessions and video shoots.

Interestingly, German never let his personal relationship with the band members compromise his reporting. He saw the Stones for all their warts and occasionally butted heads with Mr. Jagger over the stories he printed in Beggars Banquet.

At age 23, German was hired to ghost write Ron Wood’s autobiography, “The Works.” German virtually moved into Wood’s house on New York’s Upper West Side to get the job done. Despite constant interruptions at all hours of the night from Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Don Johnson, German and Wood completed the manuscript on time. Harper & Row published it in 1987, as German and Wood embarked on a book tour.

German’s vast Stones knowledge has opened up opportunities for him in radio, his first true love. Listeners across the country tuned in to hear German interview Keith Richards during a two-hour special on the ABC Radio Network. And his weekly Rolling Stones news reports were heard nationwide along the Global Satellite Radio Network. Plus, he’s put in dozens of appearances on stations like WNEW and K-Rock in his native New York, and on KLOS in Los Angeles.

To music fans, German is recognized as the foremost storyteller and authority on the Rolling Stones. In fact, German’s own story has been recounted in magazine articles and books that have been written about the Stones.

German wrapped up the print version of Beggars Banquet in 1996 (after seventeen years), but maintains a multimedia web site at BeggarsBanquetOnline.com.

And now he’s ready to launch “THE STONES ZONE,” a fast-paced, informative, irreverent radio program that will offer updates from the Stones’ 2002-2003 world tour.

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