How to hear "The Stones Zone"

"The Stones Zone" radio show is currently on hiatus.  During the American leg of the Stones' "Licks" tour, the weekly program was heard on these stations:

Boston, MA -- WZLX -- 100.7 FM -- Sundays at 9 PM

Concord, NH -- WNHI ("i-93") -- 93.3 FM -- Sundays at midnight

Detroit, MI -- WCSX -- 94.7 FM -- Sundays at 6 PM

Mt. Shasta, CA -- KZRO ("Z-100") -- 100.1 FM -- Sundays at 5 PM

San Diego, CA -- KPLN ("The Planet") -- 103.7 FM -- Sundays at 9 PM

San Francisco, CA -- KSAN ("The Bone") -- 107.7 FM -- Sundays at 9 PM

Excerpts from some of the older episodes of "The Stones Zone" can be heard on the Archive page of this site.

"The Stones Zone" may return to the airwaves in 2004.  If you know of a station in your area that might be interested in carrying the show, please send us an e-mail about it.