Playlist from October 27

* Under Assistant West Coast Promo Man (from "Out Of Our Heads")

* Oh Baby (We Got A Good Thing Going) (From "Rolling Stones Now" in the U.S., "Out Of Our Heads" in the U.K.)

* Saint Of Me (from "Bridges To Babylon")

* Dancing With Mr. D (from "Goats Head Soup")

* Sympathy For The Devil (from "Beggars Banquet")

* It's All Over Now (from "12 X 5")

* Fancy Man Blues (the non-album B-side to 1989's "Mixed Emotions" single; later available on the "Flashpoint + Collectibles" limited edition CD)

* Will Ya Won't Ya (Mick Jagger, back vocals, and Chris Jagger, lead vocals, from Chris's 1993 CD, "Atcha")

* Sympathy For The Devil (performed by Bryan Ferry, on his 1973 album, "These Foolish Things")

* Satisfaction (from "Out Of Our Heads")

* Music beds during the program included Play With Fire, performed by Joe Pass (on his 1966 out-of-print vinyl LP, "Stones Jazz")

* As referred to on the program, the book that inspired Mick to write "Sympathy For The Devil" was "The Master And Margarita" by Ukrainian novelist, Mikhail Bolgakov. First published in 1938, English translations have since been published in the U.S. and the U.K.

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