Playlist from December 22

* Around And Around (from "Love You Live")

* Carol (from "The Rolling Stones: England's Newest Hitmakers")

* Talkin' About You (from "December's Children" in the U.S., "Out Of Our Heads" in the U.K.)

* Come On (taken from "The Rolling Stones Singles Collection: The London Years")

* Little Queenie (from "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out")

* Don't Lie To Me (from "Metamorphosis")

* Let It Rock (non-album B-side of the "Brown Sugar" single in the U.K.; never released officially on CD, only on vinyl; recorded live at Leeds University in England, March, 1971)

* You Can't Catch Me (from "The Rolling Stones Now" in the U.S., "Rolling Stones No. 2" in the U.K.)

* Sweet Little Sixteen (performed by Chuck Berry and Keith Richards, from the "Hail! Hail! Rock 'N' Roll" soundtrack, recorded in concert, October, 1986, at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis)

* Run Rudolph Run (Keith Richards solo single from 1978, never released officially on CD, only on vinyl)

* Jumping Jack Flash (performed by Johnny Winter, on his 1971 "Live" album)

* I'm Gonna Drive (non-album bonus track from the 1994 "Out Of Tears" CD single)

* Bye Bye Johnny (taken from the "More Hot Rocks" CD)

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