Playlist from September 29

* Brown Sugar (from "Love You Live")

* Flight 505 (from "Aftermath")

* Don't Stop (from "Forty Licks")

* Live With Me (from "Let It Bleed")

* Gimme Shelter (from "No Security")

* She's A Rainbow (from "Satanic Majesties")

* Crackin' Up (from "Love You Live")

* Honky Tonk Woman (sung by Ronnie Wood, with Bo Diddley's back-up band, from "Live At The Ritz: Ronnie Wood & Bo Diddley," recorded in New York, 1987, released in Japan, 1988 )

* Rice Krispies Jingle (recorded by the Stones in 1963 and used in an actual TV commercial that aired in England during 1964)

* Brown Sugar (performed by Little Richard, on his 1971 album, "King Of Rock 'N' Roll")

* Start Me Up (from "Tattoo You")

* Music beds during the show included:

* Practicing, Practicing, performed by the Charlie Watts Quintet (from their 1991 album, "From One Charlie")
* Sitting On A Fence, performed by the Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra (from their 1966 self-titled album, under the alleged direction of Keith Richard)
* Mona, performed by the Rolling Stones (from "Rolling Stones Now")
* I'm A Man, performed by Bo Diddley and Ronnie Wood (from the aforementioned "Live At The Ritz")
* I'm Alright, performed by the Rolling Stones (from "Got Live If You Want It")

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