Playlist from October 20

* All Down The Line (live; available only as a bonus track with the "Like A Rolling Stone" CD single from Europe, 1995)

* Cherry Oh Baby (from "Black And Blue")

* Get Off Of My Cloud (from "December's Children")

* Around And Around (from "12 X 5")

* Time Is On My Side (version with guitar intro; from the "Hot Rocks" CD)

* Let's Spend The Night Together (from the U.S. version of "Between The Buttons")

* Memo From Turner (Mick Jagger, from the "Performance" film soundtrack, 1970, also available on the "Singles Collection: The London Years," released in 1989)

* Time Is On My Side (the original version, performed by Irma Thomas, on her 1964 LP, "Time Is On My Side")

* Trouble No More (Mick Jagger, vocals, and Keith Richards, guitar, joining Jimmy Rogers on a Muddy Waters song, from the CD titled, "Jimmy Rogers All-Stars: Blues Blues Blues," recorded in 1997, released 1999.)

* Let It Rock (Stones in concert, from Leeds University in England, 1971. Found only on the B-side of the "Brown Sugar" 45 in England, or on the Spanish version of the "Sticky Fingers" LP, both released in 1971. Not available on any legitimate CD.)

* Let's Spend The Night Together (performed by David Bowie, on his 1973 "Aladdin Sane" album)

* Honky Tonk Woman (taken from "Hot Rocks")

* Music beds during the show included Melody (from the Stones' "Black And Blue")

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